November 26th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Hello all!

I forget when I was last on here. I think I was saying something about some characterization fail two days ago or so. Maybe three...

Anyway, I'm home for the holidays. Aside from the traditional, "Oh good Lord, look at all those flaws" fits that my mother has been having whenever I walk into the room, life is good. Just finished a huge Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious. :D My parents gave me wine and I have come to the conclusion that Nero would look really good in a red turtleneck. Just sayin'...

My dad has confirmed for me that the Rock Band version of Clint Eastwood is wrong. It's FIVE notes, as opposed to two drawn out ones. I win. :D

Spent a fantastic last night with Bri. We didn't discuss Dirge much, which made me twelve different kinds of sad, but we contemplated the origins of "Rock It." We decided that they all got absolutely loaded, wrote out the song and recorded it when they got to the depressed state, at which 2D yelled, "Le's just sing the fuggin' song 'n ge' i' ovah wif!" They all woke up the next morning with bitchin' hangovers and a shiny new demo sitting on the table. XD

Also, I'm wondering about AU Shelke, Nero and Weiss would be doing in this sort of "Hang out with your family situation."