November 21st, 2009

Jones Party Hat


Just some letters;

Dear Uterus,

I appreciate the fact that you have to shed once a month and I appreciate the fact that you do so with admirable gusto. However, just this once, since I'm going back to see Bri in a few days, do you think you could call it quits early? I'd really appreciate it. I really would.

Some love,

~ A.H.

Dear Beyond Birthday, Noodle and Final Fantasy IX minigames,

Please stop invading my dreams dears. Thinking that the campus cafeteria will lead me to a rainbow in the sky where I can find ice cream, then being unceremoniously plunked into a rec room, playing the same video game with my parents present and bouncing off the walls when the console inexplicably appears on the ceiling is not cool. And B, I don't know what the hell you were doing there. I do love you, about as much as I love Nero, but please don't engage in that kind of activity with me in my dreams.

Much love,

~ A.H.

Dear Livejournal,

Lets hope this cut works.

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In other news:
* RC and I discussed a new dynamic that deserves to be played with in Matchstick. :D
* I'm going home on Tuesday. On one hand, huzzah, I'm going back home to my own room, to Bri and to familiar locations. On the other hand, boo, I have to stay in the house for a majority of the time, I'm bleeding out of my uterus and I have to be around my parents for most of the time.
* I've got something special in mind for the next installment of Torch. Stay tuned for that. :D

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