November 12th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


I just found Bri's Mom on Facebook. :DDDD

I'm getting paid tomorrow!! Putting some of it away so that I can rock the house when I go home for Thanksgiving (12 more days and counting), but the money is good for buying food and stuff.

So, I'm scrapping my current NaNo for a new plot. Probably fatal, but this one is so much more interesting. Will keep you posted.

My God, I need to learn to stop sitting with people at lunch. My companions for it were griping about how deficiencies in people shouldn't be quantified because everyone else has deficiencies too. When I explained the fact that magnitude plays a role in the line between deficiency and disorder, I was informed, "But that's not fair."
We're college students. I think that the "Life isn't fair" argument should have sunk in a few years ago.
And anyway, if someone is pretty much blind, I'd like that to be quantified and the person to be alerted to their blindness so that I don't designate them as the sober driver in the near future.

So I'm starting to discover that I really like "The Lonely Island" as a band. Their songs are ridiculous, but as long as you don't listen to them expecting lyrical genius, then they're generally funny. The current endeavor of mine and my roommate's is to memorize the lyrics of "Like a Boss."

Another chapter of Torch is going up tomorrow and, with NaNo on my plate, all my other projects are on multiple backburners, including Matchstick, My Life is Average, Why Is It So Dark In Here, and all my one-shots.
Jones Party Hat

So me and my roommate were talking...

And we've decided:

* Weiss totally owns a siamese cat because he can carry on conversations with it, they look like him and they kind of have this regal thing about them.

* Nero has a fluffy persian "Villain Cat" (think Mr. Bigglesworth) because it reminds him of Weiss. Aforementioned cat is extremely lazy and needs to be FORCED from someone's lap (Shelke inclusive).

* Azul has allergies to cats.