November 10th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


This is your brain :-)
This is your brain on my schedule: D:

By the end of this week, I have to: 
Derive a shitload of formulas out of some obscenely high numbers for a calculus project about the Health Care Bill. I could do the project in about two words, but I don't think, "Who cares?" on a sheet of lined paper would get me a stellar mark.
Understand the finer points of implicit differentiation.
Comprehend covalent bonds well enough to pass my exam next week.
Complete my Chemistry lab report, which requires Dr. Olsen to e-mail me about a question I had. Considering his classroom style, not likely to happen soon.
Write up journals about the presentations given to me in Founders.
Be on my toes for a quiz in HST.
Select a topic for a paper in HST.
Write a response to Debra Dickerson's "An American Story." I'm considering the essay, really, but the song-writing option would be so much more fun.
Draft a letter to the President of the college, offering my FYE group's donation to her inaugeration (or something) and how happy we were to give it to her. Also, we have to describe what we did for the sake of the donation. Since we had just seen Urinetown: The Musical, we were required to pay 5 cents whenever we use the bathroom. While this project wasn't required, Tess is treating it like it is and I've got two people telling me that it was coercion and, therefore, illegal.

Ahhhhhhhhhh...... Breathe... Breathe... Breathe...