November 3rd, 2009

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One of the Many Questions about Dirge That Needed Answering

I may have found relative proof that Nero definitely knew Hojo was pulling Weiss' strings.

Shelke: Who is she?
Nero: Dr. Lucrecia Crescent.
Shelke: So I am to collect the data files-- the fragments she left within
the network?
Nero: Correct. Then you are to use that data to find the Protomateria.
Nero: That is where he requires your assistance.
Shelke: He...?

I'll need to watch a Japanese clip of this to be certain that he's not referring to Weiss, but it sounds like Nero is talking about Hojo. Therefore, Nero knows that Hojo is involved and, since Hojo's data fragments are floating around either the WWN or Weiss' body, this means that Hojo must have spoken to Nero either via Weiss' body or over a computer terminal.

The only question now is when exactly did Hojo posess Weiss? In the game, he says, "When the network was restored, the scattered data regrouped and I was reborn." So, assuming that when Hojo says, "reborn," he means that his data was placed in Weiss' head, whenever the network was restored is when Weiss got posessed.

The timeline on states that the Tsviets took over DeepGround in late 2007 and that some time in January of next year was when Meteorfall occurred, Hojo's body disappeared and all the good, wholesome stuff that happens in the very first cutscene. So, therefore, it stands to reason that Weiss has been posessed for the remainder of Final Fantasy VII and the entirety of Advent Children.

I feel quite accomplished, and pleased with the fact that, while I typed all of that, I looked like a hard-working student at my campus library. :D

(NaNoWriMo count: 1,233/50,000. Loooooooong way to go. )