October 31st, 2009

Jones Party Hat


Okay, so I don't exactly like Yuffietine. It's a normal thing: A lot of people don't. But, for God's sake, why must all the VinFa be written so badly? 

Yes, that's VinFa. As in Vincent and Tifa. It's not improbable. Now Vincent and Cait Sith (which I've read at least once, in a moment of "I wonder if this exists...") is improbable. Vincent and Reeve is totally plausible and so VincentxTifa lurks somewhere between VinxCait and VinxReeve. I understand that it's a case of, "Lets pair the two sexiest protagonists together!!!!" but at least they've spoken.

That is all.

Actually, no, that is not all.


(Also, Happy Birthday to L and Noodle from Death Note and Gorillaz respectively.)

(Edit: Sugar-high Vincent Valentine and OOC Denzel. SUGAR-HIGH VINCENT VALENTINE AND OOC DENZEL!! OH SWEET MERCIFUL BADFIC!! *crawls pathetically towards Tsviet drabbles.)