October 26th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

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Poll #1476758 NaNoWriMo Topic

Which plot should I use for my NaNoWriMo?

Post-Apocolyptic Vampires
Tsundere Step-Sister versus Skater-Punk Step-Brother
Enlongated Fanfic with the names changed
Enlongated Fanfic without the names changed
If you answered "Fanfic," which one? 
Jones Party Hat


Weiss can duplicate himself.


Me: Oh my God, how many do you think he can make? 
Roommate: How many does he need? *suggestive tone* 
Me: Bow-chika-bow-wow, but still... *stares at laptop for a good 20 seconds* 

On a different note, there was some epic fail in Founder's today. The psycho exroommate that-

Hang on...

Deep within the trials of the Founder's Seminar of Wonder, your hero's ears perked up at the sound of the harmful Psychoticus Exroommateus saying, "I wouldn't want an anarchy because then people would steal my stuff." Number one, filthy fucking hypocrite. Number two, logic = fail. Number three, no one would want anything out of that disturbing cave except her crazy pills, her money and MY FUCKING PHONE. I mean, I'm getting a new phone this weekend, but I'll still need to buy new minutes for it and shit, which is such a pain in the ass.

Also, did I mention that this psycho actually got someone ill enough to get them into a hospital? E.S. was hospitalized due to a non-swine flu that was stress induced. I had talked to the girl maybe the night before and she had said that Psychoticus Exroommateus had her so stressed out, had her boyfriend fighting with her all because aforementioned P.E. can't take a hint and quit stalking people who clearly don't want to be around her. They need to teach the "Don't Stalk People" lesson in kindergarten or something, because that's about where P.E.'s mental age is.

Life is still awesome though because, 1) I got a 100 on a WLD paper, 2) I'm getting my new phone this weekend and 3) Weiss can duplicate himself.