October 22nd, 2009

Jones Party Hat


Multi-tasking at the GSA. I'm listening to stuff and blogging. Everyone says hello!!! :D

So, today, me, Russia and Angelica have all given our testimonies to-

Wait, wrong format...

When you last left your epic hero, she was in a bind of binds. The magnificent fantastical princess BriKyo was recieving undue harassment from the hero's missing cell phone. Naturally, the hero was like, "Not cool." So she took her epic sweet sidekick Russia and her the dear Professor Angelica off to the bowels of the Residence Life Cave. Inside, the denizens were immensely supportive.

Also, at the secret Aikido meeting, aforementioned sidekick was physically struck and verbally taunted. She had a breakdown. Again, not. Fucking. Cool. (However, I was elected as Communications Officer. <3)

I got Loveless manga!!! Not all the ones I need yet, though. I also managed to check out the HOLY GRAIL OF SHAKESPEARE INTERPRETATIONS!!! Yes... The Kenneth Branagh directed-starred intpretation of "Hamlet." I had a "HOMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" moment when I laid my pretty hands on it. It sits in my back, tickling at the back of my neck, going, "Just watch a few scenes right now... It won't hurt anyone..."

I'm soooo sleepy lately. I've also been on IMVU, just dicking around with people. I'm considering a social experiment concerning the color of shirts on there. Will keep you posted.