October 20th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


I'm so tired lately. Doesn't help that I'm staying up 'til midnight and waking up at six. Blame my roommate! If I had my way, we'd be turning in at 10:30 or so.

I have Chem lab in half an hour. Let me tell you something interesting: I am a misandrist. That is, my opinion of males isn't very high. Maybe I have unusually high standards, maybe they repulse me, whatever. Point is, I don't like 'em. Ergo, my decision to go to an all-women's college was centered firmly around the fact that, aside from staff and faculty, there would be no men on my campus. THERE ARE. There are men taking up work-study jobs in the cafeteria, there are men in the theater program who loudly gllavant about the cafe while I'm trying to eat in peace, there are men coming into the library with girl students. But most unforgiveabley, there. Are men. In. My. Classes. My CHEMISTRY LAB COURSE, which I will be attending in 28 minutes, of all places! He's fucking slime too. The other day, while I'm waiting for Angelica to finish an exam, he fucking pokes his head out and goes, "Can you investigate the cause of that noise? It's interfering with my test." Like I'm just his fucking lapdog who WASN'T doing Calculus while waiting.


On a different note, it's getting cold here. Like, really cold. Thank God for Mom sending me slipper. :D Yesterday, I was talking with Mom and she told me that Dad was concerned that I was spending all my money partying. Thing is, I'm not. Usually Aida and I split the cab fare and we don't have to pay anything to get in. So my "party money" usually hovers around 10$. Seriously.

Yesterday, I spent an hour of my shift at work rearranging everything on my flashdrive. Everything is REALLY organized now, which means I'll never find what I'm looking for ever again. :D

(EDIT: Okay, imagine an epic battle between Pyramid Head (Silent Hill. He's a physical manifestation of James wanting to punish himself for spoiler tastic reasons. Just Google search Pyramid Head. I think he was sexing up a mannequin in one cutscene) and Weiss (who needs no introduction. :D). In this epic battle between these two, who wins?)