October 15th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Sooo very tired

Today was a good day. So was yesterday, and I want to talk about yesterday first.

So, when we last left off on The Chronicles of My Psycho Ex-Roommate, I had foolishly left the jaw-dropping glory of Los Katamari Damacy within the clutches of the Cave of the Batshit Wonder. Underground sources had informed me that the Psychoticus Ex-Roommateus was rabidly delusional and Professor Dad, along with my underground sources, had advised me not to enter the Cave of the Batshit Wonder without some heavy backup. I was at a loss. Then, riding out of the golden sunset, came the infamous conflict breaker, Carly Bennett! With this new ally, we plunged into the cave and retrieved the golden glow of Los Katamari Damacy. Seeing her mistake of letting her hostage treasure go, the Psychoticus Ex-Roomateus gave a shriek of, "You coward! You couldn't even come get it yourself!" Your hero went off with Gorillaz basslines in her ear and Los Katamari Damacy pressed lovingly to her ample chest.

(I should write about all my college escapades in adventure story format like that. :D)

Today, I slept until 10 and it was amazing. I got to finish cleaning up in here, made the bed, all that good stuff. Took a History midterm that probably went well. Wrote a bit more on the WeissxArgent thing. Went to work, went to a "Public Safety" thing that was mandatory for all freshmen to sit through. The guy giving it was a humungous box of creepy though. But I do love all the contradictions this school throws at us, "Explore Troy, but don't leave campus." "Be friendly, but don't be an easy target." "Travel in a group, but the robberies in the area were committed to a group." 

My piece of safety advice would be to blend into a crowd and don't walk on empty streets. Think like a robber/rapist would think. You want someone who is either alone, going to be alone shortly or two people who are not in their right minds. You also don't want any sort of witness, so don't work on a street with other people on it. Therefore, the best advice you could give a group of college girls is to not be alone until you're in the door, walk on fairly populated streets, and don't walk home sober. Call a fucking cab.
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