October 14th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

So much lol...

Okay, so I've been chatting with my roommate for about 45 minutes. So far: 
  • The real reason Nero was involved in the "Tsviet huddle" as readingchick has referred to it? According to my roommate, he had, "Just discovered the internet" and was, "somewhere between Youtube, TvTropes, and MyLifeIsAverage." 
  • My roommate has subscribed to the idea that Nero is obsessive about Weiss to the point that, if he were in bed with someone else, he would yell out, "NIISAAAAN!" a la Scene 5 of the Online Mode.
  • Nero could have quite possibly been in the room during that scene at the end of the online mode. Listen carefully. It's either the whistling of mako winds or that's Nero's darkness in the background. Compare the noise there with the sounds before he says, "Let tonight be the final chapter." 
  • My WeissxArgent crack!fic is well underway. I think I have half a page so far. I'm lol'ing. As is my roommate.
Why hasn't anyone been on MSN lately? 
Jones Party Hat

Ohhhh noesssss...

So, after working on it for the day, it's done. The first chapter anyway. Uggggh... Characterization FAIL is imminent, but that's why it's going up on LJ first, as opposed to FF.net.

Let me know what you think. Also, this doesn't have a title yet.


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