October 5th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Hoooomg I'm tired

'Sup world?

So, I'm really tired right now because I'm doing one of my infamous, "Lets stay up all night and recalibrate the ol' sleep schedule" deal. The good news is that it's definitely going to work I've only got about 2.5 hours to go before I'm supposed to be, "awake." The bad news is that my eyes are burning and there's no way I'll be able to stay up through Founders. FML.

Right now, I'm just up reading fanfictions.

Today was like the positive side of a cubed function; Started off at zero, then it just got LOADS better really fast. I slept in and wound up late for work by about 20 minutes, but Tanya was way cool about it and told me it happens all the time. Then me and Russia and Angelica all sped off to Target. Along with some new shampoo/conditioner/soap, I also got a new sweater and some snacks for the dorm. Loaded up my mini-fridge with Kool-Aid, too. :D And I got new movies: The Ref (Dennis Leary. Watch it.) and Seven (Brad Pitt, sure, but also gorey murders).

Then Angelica's mom treated us to Olive Garden. Om nom nom nom nom... Russia and I didn't even get in until about 8:00 or so. And from there I just sort of... stayed up all night. Two more hours. Oooohhh Gaaaaaaaawd...

I need to start working on my fanfctions again. Matchstick still has a lot of places I could go, but I suppose that the main reason is a lack of synchronization. When I feel like working on it, I have no ideas. When I have ideas, I don't feel like putting them down. Still kinda celebrating the latest chapter of "Why is it So Dark in Here?" but that's going to have to go on eventually. Ditto with Torch, but I haven't worked on that in FOREVER and it's in desperate need of it's next chapter. The 2Dle is coming along well, but I have no idea where I want to go with it next. Ugh...

5:21 AM... Hooo, this is dragging on. I wonder if it's light enough to see around my room enough to clean it. I mean, I'm in one of the student lounges right now, so it's not like anyone's yelling for the lights to go off. Then there's the fact that this particular lounge is always deserted anyway. Probably because it doesn't have a TV or whatever. Not that I need a TV. Just give me an internet connection and a book or something. In this case, a website of fanfiction.

I'm probably gonna focus more on the fanfiction now. Night... Or morning... Hell, afternoon, if that's when you're reading this.