September 30th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

It's a Good Day

First, congrats to the Nintendo DS, Kingdom Hearts obsessed friends on my LJ who are no doubt in rapture over the release of 358/2 Days. Mega-happy for you guys, and I'll be happier if you post cutscenes online. I don't care much for gameplay, but I always like cutscenes. It's like pieces of sugar candy for my mind.

However, where video game cutscenes are heroin for my head, Gorillaz just became a little bit sweeter than Dirge. Why? Well, I'll explain... I got an e-mail yesterday, around 3:30 or so while I was hanging out with Russia. When it said, "Your InterLibrary Loan" I was a bit scared. You see, I had ordered the Gorillaz autobiography via the campus ILL service. I was scared something had gone wrong. Au contraire, it said that my order. Was. In. Needless to say, I had rushed out of my dorm, doubled-back to get my key, half-jogged to the library and gotten my copy of Rise of the Ogre in the semi-pouring rain. I've been reading it more-or-less consistently since it fell into my un-manicured fingers.



It's astounding. No. Really. Russia, a fledgling Gorillaz fan (thanks to my prodding. :D), keeps snatching it when it's in her eyerange and I'm not reading it. That's how great it is. I mean, it's so much more detailed that what I've been reading. Like, I knew that they broke up after their last show in Portugal. What I didn't know was that it was after they attempted to write the script to their movie themselves, 2D gave Murdoc a stupid idea (Really, Murdoc had put words in 2D's mouth. I'm serious.), and Murdoc tried to strangle him. IT WAS GREAT.

Also, guys, I have taken another leaf out of the book, and I've made a fort. Really, I just raised my bed and coverted the space underneath to a fort, but it's a bitchin' fort so far. All I need now is to get the lamp working and that's just a few batteries away, which I'll be getting on Friday when I get my paycheck and get a load of stuff that I've needed.

... Back to Gorillaz. GGGGLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEE, it's amazing!!! There's so much more detail! I love it.

Off to clean and maybe sort out my fort.

PS: I've developed a taste for Dr. Pepper.