September 29th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


It's like my good dream from a few nights ago had to be countered with a crappy one tonight. I completely forget the context, but Bri was breaking up with me for Marcia. They were making out in the grass in a rainy soccer field and, when I caught them, she was totally cool with it and told me that it was over, but that she was bearing my child (I'm a girl). WTFFFFFFFF? 

Also, yesterday in itself kind of sucked. Yesterday was the unveiling of my infamous Shelkero project and, despite the video not working, I thought it went well. Then, while I was working on my homework in the lounge, I heard a girl say something like, "... relationship between FAKE people." As if the fact that they were fictional made the entire project invalid. Look, I'm sorry if I'm not utterly enthralled with bulimia (the issue that the two girls who went before me worked on... as a group... When these are INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS).

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Ugh.. FML.
On the plus side, and influenced by, me and Russia put a sign on a bathroom stall that says, "Caution: This stall is sometimes used as a portal to Narnia" on one of the bathroom stall doors. Our RA wanted us to put another one up on her closet door and the other bathroom door. Our lives are average.