September 26th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


So, I got to sleep in today. Ooooohhhh, I love sleeping in. I really do. And I don't have work tomorrow. :D I slept a blissful nine hours, but during those nine hours, I had a dream. I don't remember it, but I remember waking up and wanting to watch Inuyasha. Guys, I hate Inuyasha. I went through a phase where I loved it, but now I've moved onto things that, you know, don't repeat themselves every episode. Anyway, despite my hatred, I ended up watching one of the episodes and remembering, not only why I liked it, but also why I hated it. Seriously. I spent the whole 20 minutes going, "*GASP* I remember that!" 

After that I went to Sagefest. It was basically our school's excuse to throw a huge party and shut down First Street for a few hours. I volunteered at the GSA table and the Freshman Class table, as well as signing up for a bunch of clubs (Biology Club, Yearbook Team, an improvisation thing that I may or may not do and Cheerleading (YES)), and the Fashion Show. If I do the fashion show, expect pics and humming "I Feel Pretty" for a solid week. Also, considering running for class Historian.

I wrote some more work on Matchstick. Maybe, like another page or so. Having difficulties with pairings. I'm trying to walk that tightrope between "Incharacter" and "Affection." It has to be done with the utmost care, much like performing open heart surgery on a 90-year old. I read another chapter of the New Moon monstrosity. I can't help it. I giggled when they broke up.

Went to dinner and discovered that, in addition to the school's fruit tasting damn good, they have deliciously yummy hot chocolate. My usual issue with hot chocolate is that you can't taste the chocolate until it's cooled down (which is why Dunkin Donuts has shares of my soul). The McKinstry hot chocolate "subverts that trope" (if you will) very well.

Also discovered a fairly well-tuned piano in one of the first floor lounges. I stared at it while I finished my (epic) hot chocolate and pictured Nero playing it the whole time. Then I sat down and picked chords and tunes out of the air. Fun time. Then I came back here and logged on and started typing this up.

Tomorrow, I have to catch up on homework, finalize my Shelkero project (Just need to practice actually presenting it), clean up my room and finalize a budget for my money. I'm getting my first legitimate paycheck this Friday. :D

(PS: My music and my icon... No comment.)