September 24th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

WTF Face Heel Turn?

Fear my tropes, mortals.

But seriously. When I got back from GSA, I decided to watch some Zero Punctuation videos and, when I watched his Silent Hill 2 review, I decided, "Lulz, lets remind myself of how much Shattered Memories is going to suck." I... I must have gotten over the intial shock of, "Don't rape my childhood," because, reading through it the second time, the game actually looked legit.

So I went and looked up something for it on YouTube. Just a trailer, to see how things would be.


Uhm... Guys... I got a funny feeling in the pits of my heart. It seems like the pits of the ventricles of my heart wanted to scamper away from my ribcage, leaving my aortae fresh for the taking from what I'm identifying as "Raw Shocks." Guys, do you know what that feeling is? That's called Fear, ladies and gents. The trailer for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories managed to freak me out a little bit, in a way that only a true Silent Hill game (1-3, in case you were interested. 4, though I enjoy it, isn't scary.) can.

Conclusion: SH:SM might actually be a legit Silent Hill game that's worth my time. Baffling... Christmas list material...

I've got studying and stuff to do, but I figured I'd inform the world that, yeah, stubborn bitches like myself can change their minds on something, once the shock of, "Please don't ass rape my formative years," leaves.