September 22nd, 2009

Jones Party Hat


The complications of doing a Shelkero project, as listed below: 
  • I can't make my point very well without the video of them interacting. It would be so much cleaner to just have the video on my flashdrive and copy it into my PowerPoint. Thing is, I'm not sure if that counts as illegally downloading something. Ho hum... I'll hafta go with YouTube, if push comes to shove, but I'd really rather not because there's an infinite amount of things that can go wrong with YouTube.

  • I thought that, to illustrate how attached Nero is to Weiss (a big part of Nero's percieved character), I should get a picture of them together. The thing is, the picture has to be PC enough to show a room of college freshmen and two teachers. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get "I-Run-Around-Without-A-Shirt" Weiss and "Do These Blue Lines Define My Every Last Muscle Well Enough?" Nero in a PC picture? Furthermore, we only see them together in three ways: Standing near each other, Weiss stabbing him in the stomach with his hand, and hugging. The latter two can't be used for fairly obvious reasons and the former just doesn't illustrate my point well enough, and you can't really see Weiss in that shot anyway.
In conclusion!!

Dear Shelke,
Please stop looking so sad all the time. You're making my project harder than it needs to be. I'm not saying to look happy. I'm just saying that I'm trying to argue for a relationship between you two and the pained expression only helps in moderation.
~ Me

Dear Nero,
While I delight in examining your every defined muscle and fan-girl squealing about how tight your hugs probably are, thanks to that straight-jacket, I don't think that my Founder's class will appreciate it quite as much as I do. Thanks.
~ Me

Dear Weiss,
Darling, would it KILL you to just put a shirt on for two minutes and pose NICELY with Nero? Would it really? 
~ Me

Dear Vincent,
I love the fact that this is YOUR game and that you get to rock the house in this one. Insert copious amounts of praise here. However, could you maybe NOT point a gun at everything when I try to get a good shot of gameplay. Run around or something, but quit pointing that thing everywhere. *snerk*
~ Me
Jones Party Hat

Couple pieces of awkward timing from today...

Read the subject.
  • I was working on my Shelkero project before skipping off to Slavery in the Modern World, which had me in "Think About the Tsviets" mode during class. We watched a rather graphic depiction of a slave boat and, this didn't catch up with me until five minutes after class, I was going, "OH MY GAWD, WHAT IF THAT HAPPENED IN DEEPGROUND!?!" I am a terrible person...
  • I wanted happy music while reading fanfiction. Okay, that's legit. Thing is, I was reading a creepy depiction of Saix murdering children and whatnot while listening to, "Your Body Is A Wonderland" by John Mayer. WTF BRAIN!? DO WE NEED TO HAVE THAT TALK AGAIN!?!
Nothing else to really talk about, aside from the fact that the project is looking faaaaaantaaaaaastic. Seriously. I got the video cut really well and all I need to do is put in the rest of the pretty pictures and practice. A lot. I hafta put VOLUMES of emotional analysis into a five-minute talk.