September 18th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Fun day.

I'm on top of everything today. Epic good luck. In Calc, we had a quiz that I was far from prepared from, but it was all stuff that I knew. In Chem, I was confused on a question but went with my gut and asked someone outside and Russia; All three of us had the same answer to the conundrum. I was early to WLD, and managed to finish a Sudoku puzzle while I was there. During WLD itself, David Baeker brought in his adorable dog and the class just spent the whole time chit-chatting as a whole. It was great. Also, I'm going to be able to see the OMG!mandatory musical (It's OMG!mandatory because David Baeker runs the theater department. And, yeah, I Sheke his name like that in person too, but everyone does.) for free, which makes it considerably less of a pain in my ass.

Got my check and cashed it too. That's twenty bucks in my pocket... That goes to textbooks. Me, Amy and Russia also have plans of wandering town tonight. All together, thank God. And Angelica and I have a deal: I tutor her in Chemistry, she makes me baked goods. Life is, pardon the expression, sweet. 

2Dle fic is looking good. I haven't worked on it much, but I get my inspiration while i work at the library and, if/when you read it, you'll see why. I haven't typed up much with Matchstick yet, but I'll probably do it this weekend. My main Shelkero expression right now is working on my school project. I'll post the powerpoint that I use up here or tape the entire presentation and post it on YouTube. If I could do it in costume, I would. :D

I've been listening to a lot of Queensryche lately. I love them. The album I have is Operation:Mindcrime. It's all about a man named Nickie/Nikki being led around by drugs from a man named Dr. X. X manipulates Nickie/Nikki into killing political and religious figures with the drugs, and Nikki/Nickie/Nick-E is convinced that he's "the new Messiah/Death Angel with a gun." He's in love with a prostitute/nun named Mary and, when he kills her, there's this BIG portion of the album that could basically be titled, "Act II: Fuck Nikki/Nickie/Nick-E's Life." He gets off the drugs, but I think he gets committed or something at the end, because he tells the entire story from a hospital. Very sweet, but very VERY rock based.

Right now, we're just chilling in Amy's room. Russia is playing Katamari Damacy for no apparent reason and me and Amy are both on our laptops. I don't know what she's doing (it involves quite a lot of giggling) but I'm over here. Typing this entry.