September 14th, 2009

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Slow Day That's About To Get Faster

Yesterday was a great screw-around day. Honestly, I spent most of it watching Russia fail at Kingdom Hearts. Also learned about something called TVTropes and, when I looked up Final Fantasy VII, there was a lot about the movie. Russia, who had never played anything by Squeenix had no idea who Kadaj was, or anything like that. So when it said, "Psychopathic Man-Child" in reference to him, I was like, "Yeah, I could see that." And she goes, "Who is that?" So we watched Advent Children.

I think about 30% of the reason I love that movie is because I notice something new every time I watch it. I think yesterday's viewing was where Vincent's pink ribbon is. It's on one of his arms, like Tifa, but it's under that cloak of his. Thing is, I'm looking at my Dirge wallscroll and I don't think it's there. I'll need to watch the scene again. It's one of the parts on Cid's airship when everyone's chit-chatting. Another 50% can be allotted to one reason: The silvers. THE SILVERS. As in, Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz AND Sephiroth.

Since Russia's dad is a Physics professor here, we got into a discussion and the idea came out that, for Physics extra credit, students should have to watch the movie and explain what went wrong (ie: The entire fight scene between Loz and Tifa) and the few things the movie did right (ie: During the scene where Rufus tosses the box off the building, the movie vaguely follows the law of Physics that states that objects fall at the same rate).

Later, Russia and I went around tagging other people's whiteboards with my colored markers. We didn't do anything bad, we just spammed whiteboards with color. If you've never done that, do it. It's very amusing. Then we went and played Kingdom Hearts. It was mostly Russia trying to play, Amy wailing hysterically, "DON'T DIE, SORA!" and me going, "Sora's retarded, kill 'im off, Russ'!" 

So, today I woke up at the obscene hour of 6:45 (obscene because I fell asleep around 1:30 AM). I got to Calculus super early and ate my breakfast before anyone else even got into the classroom. They all show up at the same time. It's like they planned it and I got left out. Whatever. Calc was good, Chem was good, breakfast was DELICIOUS.

In a few more minutes, I've got WLD (which I hate), then work, then a break, then more work then I come home. Glee. Joy and elation. I actually do enjoy my work though. The library is SOOOOO quiet, as I've already said. Another chapter of Torch went up yesterday, btw.
Jones Party Hat

Two Dirge-y thoughts.

First of all, if I check with my faculty advisors, I could legitmately do a project on Shelkero. SERIOUSLY. I love college! <3

Secondly, Usher says to the main player chick that Nero and Weiss have the same mom. Well, why not say the same parents? Probably because they didn't HAVE the same fathers. Thing is, Vincent looks an awful lot like Nero and Vincent's dad probably worked closely with Nero/Weiss' mom. "Hello, Dr. Grimoire Valentine, you have an illegitimate child on line one."