September 12th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


Got all my homework done. It was amazing. The library is SOOOOOO fucking quiet. I love it. <3 Gonna try working in the basement tomorrow because a group of teenyboppers decided they just had to use the comfy lounge on the third floor.

Aside from that, today, and yesterday, were fairly uneventful. Learned that Russia (Melissa, but I call her Russia) was into Fruits Basket at lunch.

Why, God? Why must Nero's voice be so infinitely sexy? Honestly. "And what do we think we are doing?" GAH!

So... Matchstick got a new concept while I was chilling around in the library. Nnnnneeeeerrrrrooooo... Sssshhhheeeellllllkkkkeeeee... Wwwweeeeeiiiiissssssss... BTW, random bit of crack. Bri and I have determined that the longer you hold out Weiss' name, the more you love him. Nero runs out of breath all the time. XD

Just learned, today, that we have a Chemistry exam on Friday. FML!

Oh, and Torch's next chapter goes up tomorrow after I edit it tonight. After dinner. Om nom nom... Pizza.