September 11th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


I was soooooo busy today. First I slept most of the day away, which was great. My body needed the recharge. Then I went down to the poster sale with Amy (We made up) and Angelica. Bought a Gorillaz poster, which looks super-mega sweet over my bed. If I can't have 2D in my bed or on my bed (as a plushie), I will accept having him above my bed.

Then we did lunch together, during which Amy checked to see if she got into a drama play (she didn't) and I birthed an idea for something that will NOT be a fanfiction, actually. Nope. Instead, after hearing about it from readingchick and another fanfic author, I'm going to submit this to NaNoWriMo. I won't say much, for fear of jinxing myself, but it's looking like a cross between "Why Is It So Dark In Here?", "Night Reconnaissance" by The Dresden Dolls and the Reject False Icons campaign.

Then I went to class and actually paid attention because, lets face it, even if the subject matter bores me terribly, there must be something to be gained from it. So I took notes, participated and doodled very little. Need to read the book I was assigned next.

Work went well. Picked up some hours for tomorrow and figured out that I'll be getting paid every Friday starting next Friday. Learned a lot of basic library things. Shelf reading and searches among them.

After that was the GSA, which was hilarious and fun. One girl there said something like, "I'm afraid of vaginas." And when I asked why, someone else said, "Maybe it's like how people are afraid of going down the bathtub drain." I couldn't help it. I lol'd.

I completely forget what I did after that, which freaks me out a bit, but I do remember eating and reading fanfiction. Good times.

I've got ideas for the next Matchstick chapter. I won't say much on that, since I've already dropped a HUGE bomb on that fic in terms of plot, but I will say that Weiss and Nero's purposes aren't the same for staying with Shelke. I've written them as kind of a unit so far, but they're going to deviate soon.

"Why is it So Dark in Here?" has a bit more work on it, but nothing really worth mentioning. Like I said one of the other times I mentioned this fic, there's a lot of different directions this story can go in.

The next chapter of Torch will be up on Sunday. That's all there really is to say on that.

I need to read the homework for HST, then sleep. Sleep is amazing. Sleep will set you free. Good night.