September 9th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Busy busy...

Still sick, but it's not my nose anymore, so much as my throat. Why, yes, that is my lung that I just hacked up, thanks. Don't suppose you'd mind putting it back in there? 

Been listening to The Dresden Dolls more. Part of "Good Day" was made for Shelke.


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Okay, maybe a slightly more angry Shelke. Gorillaz and them are fighting it out in my head for complete reign of my attention. Dirge of Cerberus is kinda chilling in the back with lawnchairs and snacks waiting for one of them to win so they can perform a hostile takeover of my mind.

Busy today. Finished my homework about half an hour ago. Gotta show Russia (Her name's Melissa, but she looks like Russia and she's familiar enough with Hetalia to not care if I call her that) Final Fantasy IX because she's never played any Final Fantasy. I'm tempted to bring over Dirge and just brief her on VII. Hn...

Last night, I couldn't sleep because Carly's TV is directly against the same wall that my bed is against. So I moved all my belongings from one side of the room to the other. Took maybe an hour or so. I went through almost all of Demon Days, except for "Dare," the intro and "Demon Days." Also, realized how very little Tsviet merchandise there is (Translation: There is none). I want plushies, goddammit. At least now I have a legitimate reason for having my Cloud wallscroll up on my door.

Anyway, after I show Russia Final Fantasy, I'm going to Aikido class. According to the mighty Wikipedia, it's a martial arts style that redirects the opponents energy rather than opposing it. I like the idea and I'm taking my first class tonight. Then, from there, it's off to Bush Memorial, where I will be performing a bit of "El Manana" in hopes of getting into The Sagettes. The Sagettes are an a cappella singing group that I'm interested in. If I can't, I'm sure I can find another singing group on campus, but this one sounds good.

Busy tomorrow too. In addition to the Activities Fair that I want to check out, I've also got my class, work from 4:30 to 7:00, then a GSA meeting at 7:00 and Hippie Mania from 8-10, which I may or may not check out, depending on my homework load. Probably won't be that much, but whatever.


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