September 8th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


So, I'm watching the online cutscenes for Dirge because Weiss owns me in ways I'm not quite comfortable admitting and I noticed something I'm not cool with.

During the last cutscene, I believe it's Event 13, WHERE THE FLYING FUCK IS NERO!? Did Weiss forget about him or something?!

Weiss: Go find another one, Shelke.
Argent: Feels like we're forgetting something.
Weiss: You're right... *ponders* Ah, yes! Celebratory punch and cookies. Lets go!
Azul + Rosso: *GLEE*
Shelke: Can I get some?
Weiss: FUCK NO!

*headdesk* *headdesk* WEEEEIIIISSSSSS... You and your delightfully spikey and rather thick looking hair are going to be the death of meeeee....

I need to eat. Only when I don't eat does my head do ridiculous things to my beloved fandoms.

(On a side note: "HJ" virus? Uhhh... Theories on that?)