September 6th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Hooo boy...

Library job today. First job I've ever held down, plus it's the first job where I'll be making actual money that I can use. *GLEE*

Listened to "Girl Anachronism" by The Dresden Dolls yesterday. Then I watched the video for it. Now it's all I can really watch/listen to enthusiastically. I hafta get my fansquealing for The Dresden Dolls out of the way; A lot of bands like to call themselves unique, but The Dresden Dolls doesn't NEED to call themselves unique. They just are. Amanda's vocal/piano work is FUCKING PHENOMENAL. Brian's drum work is THE most complicated stuff I've heard in a while. I played their "Yes, Virginia" album for my dad about 6 months ago and my dad was like, "Wow..." He's heard everything from Barry White to Slayer, and Dresden Dolls got him to drop his jaw.

One song in particular reminds me of what I'm trying to do with Matchstick.

Collapse )

Ironically, I had taken the fic's title from the summary of "Wintergirls" rather than the lyrics of this song. I knew I wanted the title to do with fire and, since I had taken so much inspiration from "Wintergirls" I thought I'd try to find a title for it. For the longest time, it was just known as "WeissNeroShelke" on my flash drive, until I got that title. Even after I got the title, I accidently called the second chapter, "WeissNeroShelke2." 

Gonna bitch about Bri for a while. So, yesterday, I was video chatting with her and she was showing Zack the "Dare" video over at her house. Zack lives over there now and he has a thing for Bri, but he's assured me that he won't make any moves. That's like saying Hojo isn't completely batshit. Thing is, he gets to see her whenever he wants and I only get to see her when I text her to get online and she's actually able to. She could have showed him that video at any given time, but she just HAD to show it to him while I was online with her. UGH! I'm doing this for her, the college thing. She's never going to get off her arse and do something for herself and I love her so hard, so I want to take care of her (I already know that's not cool, thanks) so I have to do this. But Zack, who is right THERE, can just jump right into her life and, essentially replace me as her "constantly there" companion. She's the sort of person who will love the people she's with the most. Before me, she was highly attached J&A. Then it was me. Now, I have no doubt her affections will shift to Zack. Then what? 

I need to clean up my room before I go to work. Later guys!