September 2nd, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Argh... Man-thong

‘Sup FFIX fandom,

Lets get something straight. Yes, Kuja is the bestest villain in Dissidia, second only to Sephiroth and maybe Jecht. And, yeah, part of the fact that Kuja is kick ass (aside from the feminine traits, poetry obsession and sexy voice) is the fact that Kuja wears an absolutely kickin’ man-thong. Sure, I dig on the fact that he wears a man-thong. I’ll be the first to admit it. But do we really hafta show it in every single Kuja wallpaper that looked really pretty UNTIL I saw it? A wallpaper that will be on my computer for two weeks at least and, aside from the generic start screen and purple rose icon, that’s what everyone will see?

Do we need his armor-plated undies all over my comp? Really?



(PS: He’s not a woman. He’s my baby.)