August 27th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Dissidia Rant, then some coherency

So, Bri got Final Fantasy Dissidia and, while it doesn’t have the Tsviets or any reference to them (-10 points), the gameplay looks like a big cutscene (+5 points) and Zidane and Kuja from the lovely FFIX have voices. BEAUTIFUL VOICES THAT SOUND LIKE ANGELS IN MY LAPTOP. (+10 MILLION points).

In short, with Bri getting her paws on Dissidia, she has single-handedly brought back my Final Fantasy IX obsession. An obsession that I thought had faded away when I was 12. Clearly not. *lovingly strokes the cover of FFIX*

So… I’m leaving for school tomorrow. Today’s to-do list:

  • Call friends/family members to tell them my new address.
  • Finish packing the stuff around the house.
  • Load up the car once Mom gets it here.
  • Get a copy of the school’s itinerary for “Move In Weekend.”
  • Attempt to sleep.

I’m supposed to be getting up at 3 in the morning. Ugh… Leaving anywhere from 4 to 4:30. Will arrive on campus somewhere between 9 and 10 AM. This amounts to a five-hour long car-ride with my parents. As in, Mom-who-is-obsessed-with-conservative-talk-radio-and-country-music and Dad-who-won’t-ask-her-to-turn-off-either. I’ve already requested that Dad let me borrow his sound-cancelling headphones for the trip, but those only work until Mom gets the radio up past volume level 15 or so. Eeehnnn…

Started more work on Matchstick. I think it’s at about three pages right this second, as opposed to the epic nine-page first chapter. I want to get it to at least eight pages before I put it up.