August 25th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Freaking Out

Today is Tuesday. I’m going to be in the car, heading for New York to begin my college career and the rest of my life, early Friday morning.

Spazzing out. Still.

Also, talked on the phone to the lady who helps out with career services, after a couple weeks of pointless e-mailing. Then I talked to the librarian who will be administering the test I’ll be taking to get a job at the library (A place I’ve wanted to work for quite a while now). I have a flawless (for a high schooler) resume and a winning personality (when I need it). All that stands in my way is something called an LC Easy test that I hafta score at least an 80 on.

As far as I can tell, LC stands for Library of Congress and deals with shelving. I can find materials that have been shelved, but I sure as hell couldn’t say how it all works. Gonna be researching that test. Probably go to the library tomorrow for a “Quiz.”

Went and got my dorm fridge yesterday. Cute little thing. Got more clothes too.

WORRY IS EATING ME ALIVE OMG I am perfectly fine and one with myself and the universe.