August 20th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


Matchstick has another chapter under way and Bri’s 2dle (2DxNoodle from Gorillaz) is underway, but I need to rant about something semi-important. Movies. More specifically, a really terrible one.

Yesterday, BriKyo and I were sitting up and decided, “Hey, wanna watch Driller Killer?” Apparently 2D is very VERY into horror movies, and Driller Killer got special mention in the band’s autobiography. So, we figured, “We should watch this.”



Just no. Take my advice. Don’t watch Driller Killer. It’s terrible. There’s nothing to it. It’s like eating whipped cream and expecting to be as full as if you had eaten steak. Don’t watch it.

(EDIT: Thinking of running off to PortCon as a yurei this year. Remember Kayako from The Grudge? Yeah, like that. Thoughts?)