August 8th, 2009

Jones Party Hat


So, me and Bri discuss crack within our various canons frequently. Such discussions have given us hilarious inside jokes (“Weiss, I’m a labrador!”) and new euphemisms (“Hailing Weiss” is now another term for doing the nasty), but there’s a point at which the crack must go down slightly.

Azul hates Shelke. Okay. I can deal with that. I’m used to the Squeenix cliché of “Big person help/care for/love little person.” Lexaeus and Zexion is a good example, but if Azul and Shelke don’t follow that, power to them. And I’ve pointed this out to Bri (after being guided to the conclusion myself) but she still misses the point.

Us: *observing a Dirge playthrough*
Azul: Then now is the time. You are no longer required.
Shelke: No longer...?
Bri: *imitating Shelke* But Azul, I’m your lover…
Me: Oww… Also, no. That’s later.

Srsly u BriKyo. U BriKyo, srsly.

On a side note, another chapter of “Why Is It So Dark In Here?” is up. Also, concocting another chapter of Matchstick. Finished another chapter of BriKyo’s giftfic. It will be posted on AkuRoku day. Don’t ask why. Ask why not.