July 26th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Enough of this yaoi! Where’s my yuri!?

So, I’m banging around the internet, just looking for something interesting. Eventually I decide, “Hey, I want to read a Kairine! A long, well-written Kairine!” So, I speed off to the mighty FanFiction.Net in the hopes that they have something to quench my thirst for girl!love.


First of all, there’s only four pages for me to choose from. Four!!! Soxas, the logical “man version” of Karine, is 19 pages long!!! I’m used to fem!slash not getting the same treatment as regular slash, but still. Four pages, as opposed to 19. That’s about as much as a logical-esque crack pairing.

Secondly, what I did find was either badly written or one-shots. The badly written one, this is interesting, Kairi works at a cafe and Namine is not only a very pissed off individual, but she paints her nails disturbing colors. I’d like to note that, currently, my fingernails are chrome purple and the author (via Kairi) decided that green was a “new one.” Jesus… And the one-shots. They were those deep one-shots and, I swear to God, 90 percent of them involved the word “mirror.” We get it, they have the same eyes and facial structure!!! The end of KH2 pointed that out!

Okay, bitch-fest over. Time to plan what to do about it.

  1. Flame-fest: This is the most immature response but it will burn a lot of anger out of my system. However, it will start arguments that I don’t feel like having.
  2. Sulk quietly: Good tactic for children, but very unhealthy in the end.
  3. Be an angry blogger!girl: Basically, it’s #2 only not as unhealthy.
  4. Write my own Kairine: The most fun and creative idea. The only issue is that I need to check on my current fic load. Otherwise, I’ve got a semi-decent idea. I’ll keep the blog posted.

Amy has beta’d Matchstick’s first chapter. I’ll labor over the characterization a bit more before I post it and it will probably go up tonight.