July 25th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

I’m Getting Too Nervous About Posting Things

I think my issue is that I’m too terrified about my work being absolutely perfect, to the point where I can’t post anything. It’s unnerving.

Amy’s beta-ing that fic as I type (hopefully) but that doesn’t quell my anxiety. Nnnn…

Bri’s fic present is going well. I’ve got 2-and-one-third chapters done out of about 10. Plus, I decided against two of the pairings involved and so those are getting their own stories. SaiLar has a weird plot to it, but it’s not unlikeable. Just weird. The RufNo is very different, but, again, not unpleasantly so.

As for Livejournal work, I’m involved in the 64Prompts thing with Dirge in general. I’ve got it divided by characters. I’m using Weiss, Nero, Rosso, Azul, Shelke, Lucrecia, Hojo, and Vincent. Big surprise, I’m having the most trouble with Rosso, Azul, and Lucrecia. Weiss is easy, Nero is the easiest, Shelke is… er… Not as easy. Hmmmnnnmmm…

I want to work with something else, but I have no idea what fandom I want to work with. Bri wants me to write a Gorillaz fic to go against all the overly traditional 2DxNoodle she’s been reading lately. She wants something fresh and unique, which is cool, but anything I write is gonna wind up as this Nabokov-esque, AU, nightmare. So, I’m going to put some actual thought into it (for once).