July 24th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

WeissNeroShelke and Why Doesn't Russel Get Any Love?

So, WeissNeroShelke, while not impossible to write, is excruciatingly difficult!!!!!!

I mean, I’ve got the first chapter of something done, but I’m terrified about characterization. And just how likely it is that they would share this pyromania, the statistics of which are teeny-tiny for adult males and teeny-tinier in regards to young women. Then there’s the fact that, fine, even if all three of them do happen to have it, all of them living in the same area? Yeah, okay.

Nonetheless, I’ve written the first chapter of something that is either deliciously psychological or lulzy fail. I’m counting on Amy (my awesome college roommate) to beta it for me. I’ll probably still be nervous though. Ugh…

On a side note, recently, I’ve strayed from the mighty land of JRPGs and anime into an unfamiliar land known as “Gorillaz Fanfiction.” For those who don’t know, Gorillaz is a virtual band (that is, the people who “play the music” don’t actually exist and are alter egos of other musicians) that consists of a braindead manslut of a vocalist, a Satanic psychopath of a bassist, a Japanese death machine for their guitarist, and a former possessee of his various friends for the drummer.

The one I want to talk about is the drummer, Russel. He’s a large black man who’s hobbies are cooking, taxidermy and . He’s not perfect, but he’d be a better boyfriend than, say, Murdoc or 2D. Yet, the amount of fanfiction pairing Russel with anyone is dwarved by the HUMUNGOUS amount of 2DxMurdoc, 2DxNoodle and MurdocxNoodle fanfiction. In fact, the only RusselxAnyone fanfiction that I can remember was on AFF and featured Russel with Del (the alter ego of rapper “Del tha Funky Homosapien”), his best friend.

My question: Why?

(Edit: Did I also mention that Russel doesn't have his own Facebook page, where 2D, Noodle and Murdoc all do?)