May 28th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Shipping Meme

1. Name your 10 absolutely favourite fandom ships (try to pick from different fandoms)
2. Ask people to see what trends and similarities they notice about your ships.

1. NeroxShelke (FF7 DoC)
2. HamletxOphelia(Hamlet)
3. VexenxZexion (Kingdom Hearts)
4. KujaxZidane (FF9)
5. GwendolynxVelvet (Odin Sphere)
6. KradxDaisuke (DNAngel)
7. ClaudiaxVincent (Silent Hill 3)
8. AkitoxShigure (Fruits Basket)
9. YunaxRikku (FFX-2)
10. VashxWolfwood (Trigun)

On a side note, Summer Vacation is fast approaching. That means I'll get my infinite list of projects completely done. Lets look at those projects: 
  • Re-write the ending of "Edit Before Submitting"
  • Collaborate with BriKyo over a sequel of "This is So Gay"
  • Complete my 64 Prompts for the main characters of DoC
  • Try and bring that WeissNeroShelke fanfiction to something other than a page-long blurb.
  • Put together my surprise for BriKyo