May 26th, 2009

Jones Party Hat

Badfic Quotes-ness and a few updates

I'm not dead, just busy.

badfic_quotes was a fucking gem today. Seriously. I was sitting there with tears streaming down my face and my mother looked at me like I was on acid. I tried to explain and did not adequately do so.

So, updates on fics: 
  • Got an idea for a VinLuc that probably hasn't been done yet and, if it has, I have confidence that I can do it better.
  • There's a HUUUUUGE plotbunny for a KH thing twirling around in my head. May or may not do it.
  • I need to write something dark for the KH fandom or I'm gonna lose my goddamn mind. Aforementioned plotbunny is not dark and can't be rewritten into dark!fic without becoming terrible.
  • I'm rewriting the end of Edit Before Submitting because it was terribly written and completely rushed.
Uh... That's about it.

(PS: I love the new icons. Weiss has rarely ever looked more attractive. <3)