M (akaihikari) wrote,

Shelke is glaring because she's been cut from the project. Le sigh.

So, I just met with one of my advisers, concerning the FF7 project. Initially, my idea had been to do a cognitive analysis of the main party's motivations and ties from cognitive perspectives (that's paper 1) and a psychoanalytic look at every villain who has ever dared to cackle onscreen (Rufus, the Turks, Lucrecia, and Angeal included, even if they don't cackle). I presented this to Syb. Her response: "That's too big." Okay, you know, fair... So I've cut it down (insert tears here). I'll now just be looking at Cloud's big, fat guilt complex from a cognitive-social perspective and Sephiroth's motivations and relationships from a Freudian perspective. But, in exchange for cutting most of the people from the project, I get to keep my sanity intact AND I might be able to submit my work with Sephiroth to the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

I sincerely wish that I could just make a living writing psychological papers about fictional characters. It would be a dream come true. No lies.
Tags: classes, final fantasy vii

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