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Final Fantasy XIII and WTF NERO

Getting that new laptop sometime next week. *Fluttershy* Yaaaay! */Fluttershy*

Sooo, when I'm not having horrible screaming matches with Silent Hill Homecoming, I play Final Fantasy XIII. When I play Final Fantasy XIII, I SHIP EVERYONE OH GOD fall into an irreparable puddle of squee, broken only by fights, Sazh, and Snow. I just don't... Like them. I find Sazh to be really lazy and just kind of there for comedic relief. I feel like Snow's only anything is Serah. His motivation? Serah. His solution to his problems? Serah. How he takes his coffee in the morning? However Serah brings it to him. If I had to say something positive about him, I'd say that he's... Devoted to his cause.

Hope is the main person who turns me into puddles of Squee. Everything out of his mouth either prompts "OMG YOUR SOOOO CUUUUTE!" or "OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH EEEEE" from me. He's just a little cutie and I want to cuddle the poor kid.

I've found that a handful of people who played XIII didn't really like Vanille, which is odd because I liked her from the get-go. She's actually HAPPY, something that CERTAIN protagonists (*cough*Vincent*hack*Cloud*throat-clear*) could learn from. I just want Vanille to follow everyone around with a newspaper and thwack them on the head when they're being mopey.

I don't know a damn thing about Fang yet, aside from the fact that she is fffFFFFGORGEOUS and that Lightning apparently hits her in the face.

Speaking of Lightning, I love her. She's a complete bitch sometimes ("Worst birthday ever" scene and "You're slowing me down, Hope! DX" coming to mind), but I completely love her.

I have no fanfic plots yet, but I'm only about 10 hours in and haven't even met everyone, so that will come later.

Speaking of fanfic plots,

Dear Nero,

I'm happy that I'm up for writing you again, really. Words can't describe my happiness. I have this great Shelkero plot for... N-Nero? Nero, why are you...? The Turks?! ELENA?! Nero, c'mon, I... Originality challenge, eh? ... Only as a crack-pairing, mister, and you are going to be the snarkiest, most manipulative bastard in the world.

I love you (but what the flying hell?!),

~ A.H.
Tags: fanfiction, final fantasy 13, letters, nero

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