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Late by 24 hours. I'll be going off to get my ass thrown in the mako self-flagellate over this.

It's also worth noting that I'm working on a Dissidia Crossover with the Tsviets. And I turned in my application for that Independent Study. It's been decided that I'll be doing two papers, analyzing various characters from a cognitive point of view, then from a psychodynamic point of view. WOO! And, on the note of classes, I've got my classes for next year sorted out. I'll be in Literature of Mathematics, Social Psychology, Gender and Sexuality, and Statistics (more ramped up version of the subject). Along with that Independent Study.

Matchstick Sequel, so all the standard warnings from Matchstick apply, including a pinch of NSFW.

Weiss remembers coming home to Nero covered with blood and gasoline, sitting in the living room. Collapse )
Tags: classes, dissidia, fanfiction, matchstick, nero, weiss

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