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Guess who finally sat down and played the first bit of FFXIII-2?

All of my thoughts, oh God!

So, I was screaming like a child through the opening cinematic because I love Lightning and Caius that much, apparently. I like the design of Lightning's armor, since it reminded me heavily of Odin Sphere. Very interested to hear more from her, assuming that I can. As for Caius, there are... Many points for me to tackle on him, all of them favorable. I'm intrigued by Yeul, who I'm assuming is his lover. I don't dislike her, though, despite my fangirlism. She hasn't done anything yet, so why should I dislike her? (Or pretend she doesn't exist? Haha, what?) I expected more of a Grimoire Weiss/Ieyasu type voice from him, so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard something much more... Mellow? But the entire fight was screaming. Just, nothing but my squeaks and screaming. Along with quick choruses of "OhmuhgawdOhmuhgawdOhmuhgawdOhmuhgawdOhmuhgawdOhmuhgawd, IT'S CAIUS!!!"

And then... Serah... Ugh... I don't... Let me do Noel first.

I didn't go into the game expecting to like him as much as I do now. He seems like the only sane man in the whole damn thing. Like, he's ridiculously well adjusted, which I liked. I also liked the fact that he's extroverted and charismatic enough to get Serah to do things, but not overly controlling about it. Maybe it helps that he was voiced by the guy who did Thackery Binx on Hocus Pocus (I'm not kidding. Look it up.) I like him. I'm excited for him.

... Okay, now I'll get to Serah.

The reason I liked Serah more than Snow in XIII is because I'd like almost anyone more than I'd like Snow. is because Serah seemed to have a good head on her shoulders. She seemed like a sensible kid, just caught up in something really enormous and she was scared. That's fine. That's fine and understandable. But... XIII-2 just makes me dislike her so much. I don't hate her, it's just that she's really... Like, easily controlled. I don't really like how she's 21-years old, but still has everyone in the village harping on her more than they harp on the kids. In my opinion, this time-travelling adventure with a guy who is actually around to protect her will do her good. And speaking of protection, she doesn't fucking need it. She's twenty-one, she has a knife, and she was taking out monsters like a goddamn boss. Where the flying hell does Gadot get off, telling Serah who she can hang around with and where she can go? Feminism, asshole, HAVE YOU HEARD OF IT?

In short, I'm in love with Lightning and Caius, think Noel is the best protagonist a girl could ask for, and sincerely hope that this is a growing-up story for Serah, because I will be all kinds of pissed if she doesn't grow a pair by the end of this story.

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So I think FFXIII is just turning into catharsis time every time I play it. Every time I sit down, I expect to squee or cry or both. Lately, it's been both.

I'm boarding the Palamecia with Lightning and the other 2/3rds of my party while Sazh and Vanille make me sob manly tears.

Soooo excited.

(And that Cloud paper is done. And turned in. And I'll be posting the final version with my teachers' comments addressed on this blog, my other game blog, my Tumblr, and anywhere else.)

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Every time this one person posts a fic, I hold in so much incredulous rage/confusion that I seriously don't know what to do with myself, so I come here and try to write something about it.

So, I don't ship WeissxNero anymore. I used to, back in the dark days of high school, but I've since realized that it really doesn't make much sense. You'd need to twist quite a few things to make it work. Not as many as SOME of my ships (*cough*Went*ahem*) but enough that I just can't read most of the fic that's posted with those two as a romantic pairing.

I've found that there's a formula though:

Wibbly!Brother + Circumstances + Pervy!OtherBrother = Mansex.

So much is wrong with this.

Who looks at Weiss (or Nero for that matter) and says, "Yep! Wibbly bitch. Commence the uke-fication!" Me and this person need to sit down at a cafe someday. They can order whatever they drink and I will order tea and I will produce fucking pie-charts, bar-graphs, and STATISTICAL FUCKING EVIDENCE proving that Weiss has never been canon-vulnerable, Nero has been vulnerable all of ONCE in DoC canon. And he wasn't even vulnerable then. He nearly killed your player!

Circumstances tends to be nearly fucking anything. "Oh, they're trapped in an elevator..." "Oh, Nero got injected with an aphrodisiac..." (more on that fucker later) "Oh, Weiss is eating a cookie..." I'm surprised that them breathing hasn't been considered an excuse for them to start fucking.

Pervy brother is even more of a stretch for me. I'm of the opinion that unless you're crazy or just that amazing, there is no sex in DeepGround. Meaning, I'm of the opinion that half the Tsviets have retained their sex drive. Shelke is nine and never had one in the first place, Azul simply does not care, and Nero probably never quite had the chance to decide if he had a sex drive or not. So that leaves Weiss, Argent, and Rosso, assuming that Argent cares about sex at all (which I'm having lots of trouble seeing because she's just so damn sensible, but lets assume that she's got libido). In fact, you've even got trouble making a case for Rosso having a sex drive. She's completely bloodthirsty and I'm pretty sure she ate her own uterus (not even close to a canon fact, but I sort of like to think she's that batshit.) So Weiss. At worst, Weiss is the only Tsviet who wants sex. Even then, I don't see him being a royal perv. In AU, sure, but I can make a case for anyone perving in AU (yes, even Shelke. I will write it someday). I don't see Weiss perving in canon. 

So, with the fact that they are not weak-willed by any stretch of the imagination, and sure as hell not banging much of anyone, how does this make sense: Nero is injected with an aphrodisiac by DeepGround scientists and then locked, naked, in a room with Weiss, and they bang? How? One, I very much doubt DeepGround scientists keep aphrodisiacs laying around. Imagine how horrible a mix-up with the syringes would go! Two, why would scientists need Weiss and Nero to bang? I was really fucking scared when they brought out the aphrodisiac. This person never tags their stories, and I thought the author was going to have Nero raped (and I'm pretty sure I've seen that before)! But why do they need Weiss and Nero to have sex? I mean, yes, everything in DeepGround tends to be "For Science!" but what science does that show.

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I'm so glad my advisors will never see my notes

My notes include highly professional statements like:

“Should you become obsessed with the need to be forgiven, you may become a hostage to that wish.” THIS.

Survivor guilt. Oh sweet baby Jesus, Cloud… 89

Death Imprint: Severe anxiety when confronted with similar events. Doesn’t really show it, provided there is any. I think he’s just too pissed off.

Cloud technically has PTSD (that was cured by magic, which I’m calling bullshit on).

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Tsviet-y Questions

In writing Memory of the Waters, I have come across several questions that I need to address with the Tsviets. Outline? Outline.
  • Azul:
  1. You've killed off one leader, why not kill Weiss? What is stopping you? Why do you not want to?
  2. What the hell are you going to do with yourself while everyone else is running around the asylum/hospital? Seriously.
  3. What is your reaction going to be when Rosso comes back from doing her super-horrifying thing? Will you care? If so, why? If not, why not? Do you support her murderous tendencies? Why, since it has no real benefit for you, since you didn't help her?
  • Rosso:
  1. What is going to trigger this for you? I know what I want you to do, but I also know that I want it to be... Not provoked, but caused by something you find in the asylum. What is that going to be for you?
  2. Why Argent? Why not just go chase down Azul?
  3. Are you going to be remorseful about this? Like, "Draco Malfoy putting a bird in a Vanishing Cabinet" kind of remorse?
  • Argent:
  1. How are you going to be occupying your time? I mean, I know you're actually going to be doing your mission, and that will confine you to maybe two rooms if I let you have those keys. What are you going to do with yourself?
  2. Can you fight Rosso off? Like, are you capable of that?
  3. What is the (non-shipping) nature of your relationship with Weiss? What are the pitfalls of being his mentor/teacher?
  • Shelke:
  1. Exactly how much stock do you put in your relationships with the other Tsviets? Does disappointing them mean anything to you? I mean, when Azul took you from the fight in Dirge, you said you were sorry, but was that a learned thing or was it genuine?
  2. You have no real relationship with Weiss, but there's still a lot of darkness that I can play with as far as I'm concerned with you. How will that factor into Weiss' story? Can it?
  • Nero:
  1. Do you have a hospital phobia? Can I use that to my advantage without making you into a wuss?
  2. What will Silent Hill do to your darkness? Can you still control it? Can you still use it? Does Silent Hill override it?
  • Weiss:
  1. How much pressure do you feel when it comes to leading the Tsviets? I know for a fact that there is pressure, but how much, and how do you deal?
Shelke Eyes

That "Research is Serious Business" icon would not go amiss

I'm doing physics to figure out if the Tsviets' landing points are plausible. Urgh... On the plus side, I'm assuming Silent Hill has very little wind for me to worry about, but I'm trying to be consistent. That is, when Team A jumps out, Team B jumps out the same side and falls at the same angle. The problem is that the locations I want these teams to land are on exact, opposite diagonals to each other. I keep fiddling with the helicopter's trajectory though. Hnm...